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     5 out of 5 stars based on 20 reviews.

Patient Review from Gloria M

Dr. Nichols is very professional, caring and provides excellent care. The members of his staff provide the best support, encouragement and loving care during every visit and procedure. I am thankful for the overall services they have given to me in my dental care. They are the “BEST”!

- Gloria M

      5 out of 5 stars by Gloria M on 

Patient Review from Sharon B

This was a very pleasant visit. The complete staff was awesome.

- Sharon B

      5 out of 5 stars by Sharon B on 

Patient Review from Casey M

The staff was very nice. Dr. Nichols was great! They made me feel very comfortable. I recommend OFSM to anyone. Especially people that may be fearful of dental work. No worries here.

- Casey M

      5 out of 5 stars by Casey M on 

Patient Review from Kara D

I am very pleased with my experience and would recommend everyone to go see Dr. Nichols.

- Kara D

      5 out of 5 stars by Kara D on 

Patient Review from Stephanie S

Dr. Nichols and his staff are amazing!! They went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well cared for! I would recommend Dr. Nichols and the staff at Oral and Facial Surgery of MS to everyone I know!

- Stephanie S

      5 out of 5 stars by Stephanie S on 

Patient Review from Arissra S

Very please with the visit.

- Arissra S

      5 out of 5 stars by Arissra S on 

Patient Review from Morgan B

Dr. Nichols has great bedside manner and makes you feel right at home. The staff is always accommodating and willing to help in any way. I will recommend Oral & Facial Surgery of Mississippi to all my family and friends. It was all around a great experience.

- Morgan B

      5 out of 5 stars by Morgan B on 

Patient Review from Jan S

Great experience at with an Oral Surgeon? Who knew it was possible? Well, I had one! I would highly recommend Dr. Nichols & his staff to anyone in need of their services.

- Jan S

      5 out of 5 stars by Jan S on 

Patient Review from Donald Mc

Great experience, professional and friendly staff and exceptional Doctor !! I was fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Nichols by my regular Dentist for a tooth extraction which was performed this morning. There was no pain or discomfort during the procedure nor afterwards. Who would think that a tooth extraction could be such a pleasant experience !!! Thanks to the Doctor and his wonderful staff, especially kristen.

- Donald Mc

      5 out of 5 stars by Donald Mc on 

Patient Review from Janet C

Loved Dr. Nichols and his wonderful staff! He spent so much time with me answering my questions and concerns and the staff was equally as caring. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone needing an outstanding oral and facial surgeon!

- Janet C

      5 out of 5 stars by Janet C on 

Patient Review from Kelly B

Fantastic service, wonderful and informative care.

- Kelly B

      5 out of 5 stars by Kelly B on 

Patient Review from Bettie. J

A+, would Dr. Nichols to everyone. He did a great job.

- Bettie. J

      5 out of 5 stars by Bettie. J on 

Patient Review from Ami W

I got two cc's of Volbella in my very thin, top lip. At first, I was concerned that my lip did not look very different than before but as time went on, I started to notice a change. When I woke up the next day, my lips were a lot bigger than day 1, but the swelling went back down and has stayed down since then. I am absolutely in LOVE with my results. I no longer have to draw on my upper lip or worry about it coming off while eating dinner with friends. I had NO bruising and NO pain. The only thing I could feel was a tingly, "puffy" sensation. I am very satisfied that my lip does not look overdone or "tight". It looks very natural and feels soft to the touch. The price was actually better than I anticipated as well. I will most definitely come back!!

- Ami W

      5 out of 5 stars by Ami W on 

Patient Review


- Anonymous

      5 out of 5 stars by Anonymous on 

Patient Review from Barbara H

I would recommend Dr. Nichols to anyone !!!

- Barbara H

      5 out of 5 stars by Barbara H on 

Patient Review from Marvin V

Has been a pleasure to be a patient of Oral and facial surgery of Mississippi. If any future procedure is needed I will come back.

- Marvin V

      5 out of 5 stars by Marvin V on 

Patient Review from Patricia B

Overall good experience!

- Patricia B

      5 out of 5 stars by Patricia B on 

Patient Review from Melissa H

Will definitely refer Dr. Nichols to friends whose kids need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

- Melissa H

      5 out of 5 stars by Melissa H on 

Patient Review from Hannah S

I have been coming to Dr. Nichols for the last 8 years for different procedures to correct problems caused by my cleft lip and palate. He and his staff have always gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable. His unique background has allowed him to not only perform the procedures needed to correct my dental function, but he has also done so much to correct the aesthetic concerns I had due to my birth defect. He is an excellent surgeon but also a great guy! So thankful that I found such a wonderful team to take care of me!

- Hannah S

      5 out of 5 stars by Hannah S on 

Patient Review from Henriette F

Truly the very best service. Dr. Nichols is wonderful and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Henriette F

      5 out of 5 stars by Henriette F on 

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